March 13, 2019

We Prepare For Hot Weather!!!


After a good night of sleep for the hounds they were more than ready to start Wednesday unaware their schedules were a little different since the time change. Things like sleeping an hour later each morning, and that starts the daily walk an hour or so later. One thing they and I enjoy though ... is this great weather the past two days. It is suppose to be 69° by mid-afternoon if you can believe that.


These two photos were taken last night as they enjoyed the warm leather couch as I wasted time watching some tv. Their body heat and the leather couch is a good combination for a good night of sleep for them.

2019 Mar 13
2019 Mar 13
This morning Heidi wasn't sure what she heard, "do you want to go on a walk?", or was she dreaming. She had no plans on changing her daily routine, which is sleeping wrapped up in a sleeping bag until lunch time. The fact is I can't remember the last time she ever went outside to join us on the morning walk, even in summer weather. Maybe never!

It was a nice change with the carport thermometer showing the needle above 50° when we stepped outside. I didn't have to wear gloves nor my sock hat, and that cold wind was gone ... just birds filling the sky up with their communication and a little energy in Stella's walk.


We will be getting more rain sometime late tonight, maybe after midnight. That will be some of the residue from the storms out west on Tuesday. My twitter account was showing photos for a funnel touchdown just east of Mesa, AZ and again SE of Roswell, NM. It's hard to imagine anywhere in AZ or NM having tornadoes.


This morning was one of those times I couldn't put my finger on what I was going to do today. I do have plans to watch or turn on a couple of basketball games at noon. They are being played in the Big10 Conference tourney. My team does not play until Thursday at 12:30pm.

I am still trying to sort out my menus ... high fat and high protein, or low fat, regular protein and more carbs???? I could never do the strict Keto Diet. For example, yesterday I had a banana and 2c of steamed spinach during the day and that equaled 46g of carbs ... Keto likes you to have no more than 20g of carbs per day.


I have thought of going back to a ratio of 70% Carbs, 20% Proteins and 10% Fats of my total calories for the day. The hesitation and the continuous analyzing is from the way I feel when I have more carbs in my diet. I can feel fat, bloated, some indigestion depending on what I have eaten, such as a bowl of oatmeal. The answer will eventually come to me.


The "dingbat AOC" was in PRIME FORM yesterday and many people in the congressional room and later on the internet were slapping their foreheads asking WTF ??? Did she really say that? I am including one link but it is very important to view both videos on that page. It will explain things much better than I could tell you. The first video is 4 minutes long and the second video about how she got where she is, is 20 minutes long. It is a youtube video down in the comment section but here is the link ... but well worth the time.

It is just astonishing to think about.

I am sure you have heard or read, it is fact, that Omar married HER BROTHER to solidify her US visa and ability to stay in the US. How can that happen and still get away with it? The UN assigned her to live in the US as a refugee. Her district in Minnesota looks nothing like an American town, say those that pass through there.


Stella started moving in the direction where she could hear the cows again this morning. Then she had to stand, sniff the air, listen and try to figure out what that sound was or maybe she understood what the cows were telling her. It took her a few minutes before she moved from this spot.


The released transcripts recently as last night are telling exactly what went on with the DOJ and the FBI when Obama was in office. The nice thing is all of those involved could be headed for major jail time with this new Attorney General. Of course CNN is not covering any of those transcripts the past week but Fox News is showing what is in those transcripts.

It's not surprising because it is what everyone suspected when Clinton was let off the hook by the FBI in the summer of 2016. The transcripts just confirm it was Obama's DOJ calling the shots, telling the FBI to back off because they were in charge of the investigation.

I am going to look tonight and see if I can find the transcripts online. I am sure they are in a pdf format somewhere. Basically I honestly believe the people who have gotten away with federal crimes will finally be prosecuted under the new AG's department. It should be interesting. Everyone involved would be in ******* jail if I were in charge.


Stella may have started walking but that didn't mean she was finished with the moooooooing cows. She had to head their direction as she approached the back of the field, just to make sure she was thinking clearly.


She decided it was time to continue the walk but we were at one of the slowest paces ever for this morning walk.


Does that look like it will be 69° by this afternoon?


I had a long phone call yesterday from an old friend that lives in Sacramento. She was driving through San Francisco heading home from one of her consulting jobs. We covered getting older, our health, our dogs and their health, retirement, and then politics. She like many other democrats is hoping that Joe Biden will run. From news reports last night that sounds like a real possibility. Timing is everything and just because he has run twice before  ... doesn't mean he could not win in 2020.


I kept moving way out in front of Stella. I wanted to see how long it would take for her to get back home. I can't really leave her on her own like I could Sadie, because given the chance Stella will veer right and head to the neighbor's yard where there is food left outside for the mystery field cat.


So I kept her within my viewing range and let her roam on her own.  She is slow in everything she does ... except eating. About here I honestly thought I'd go inside and wait for her to come to the door but in that area she would still have the chance to go next door, so I stood in the yard and waited for her.


You can tell by her expression she was not concerned with how long it took her to finish the walk. In fact she still wasn't finished with the walk and had me waiting even longer. With the nice warm morning I didn't mine it at all. In fact I really didn't want to go back inside because it was just that nice.


She continues to head to the house to walk along the side of it ONLY after the morning walk, not in the afternoon walk. How strange is that?


She will also wait for me to open the door, yet yesterday when I came back inside after checking out the pile of eggshells in the field, I heard her trying to open the bedroom door. After letting her and Heidi out of the bedroom I touched the doorknob and felt that familiar bloodhound drool where she had been trying to turn the doorknob to break out.

LOL ... too funny.


This morning after our return I see where Heidi felt the best and warmest place to be sleeping was to have her nose tucked inside the sleeping bag. How many hours in a 24 hour period does a basset hound sleep? All I can say is ... A LOT !!!!

Well it's already late this morning so I need to stop and get this edited and posted. I have a lot more to say, so maybe I'll post again later tonight with some afternoon photos of the hounds.

It's great weather this morning in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Heh. I just now saw the "dingbat" tag! Good one.

  2. Arrowhead GrammaMarch 13, 2019 1:35 PM

    Can't stand hearing or seeing the dingbat and she doesn't know how to speak properly while waving her arms in the air. What a dingbat is right.

    Happy you are having warmer weather. We are in the mid 40's today and by the weekend will be in the low 60's. Sunny days in the forecast until next Tuesday night when more rain is suppose to happen.

  3. I thought that nickname was appropriate for her. Others had it before me.

  4. Ah 72° was so nice yesterday .... felt great. Can you believe she has an Economics degree from a Ivy League university??