April 6, 2019

Hounds Inactive

2019 Apr 06

Not a lot going on today thus not a lot to blog about. Stella passed on the morning walk, turning around after this second photo and going back inside. Later she did take a walk after her lunch.


Heidi has not been doing anything but eating, sleeping, and moving between the large leather chair and the couch to sleep throughout the day and night.

I repaired my mower this morning, tightened one bolt on the frame, then watched it cranked over on the first pull. I mowed a few laps in front of the carport as a test for the repair with Gorilla Tape, plus the grass was needing mowed in that area.

After that ... Reds baseball game, leading me into the Final Four games tonight.


Cargo shorts and a t-shirt day today in 'the tropics of Southern Indiana.


  1. There was a bit of sweating down here at the Gulg of Mexico

  2. In my book, sweating is better than freezing. LOL

  3. In my book cold starts at 55 and blizzard starts at 50. I much prefer 75 to 85 for my living.