April 23, 2019

Thinking While Working On Monday

2019 Apr 21

Sunday afternoon Heidi went to the door to be let outside. It was a great day, much warmer and the sunshine never disappeared. She spent over an hour outside on her own while I checked on her from time to time just to make sure she was still in the yard. She has never wandered off during her time alone outside. Yesterday she found the bank on the south side of the yard to be her resting point.


About the time I walked outside a few hours later she was just about to the carport, heading toward the door.


Looks like I have grass to mow today after it dries, sometime this afternoon. I knew it would be tall after two or three days of rain. I've been cutting it taller this spring, 3".

2019 Apr 22

Stella could feel it was much warmer Monday morning. She had a few stops to start her walk. She needed to think about her plan and also eat some nice green tall wet grass as she stepped into the field.

2019 Apr 22IMG_5806

It was a little over 60°, perfect weather. By the time I do laps back and forth across the lawn later this afternoon it was supposed to be in the 70's. I had a lot to do today and with the improved weather all of those things were finished by the time I put the mower back in the shed.


During my search yesterday of warm weather locations I asked my old friend that has lived in Phoenix the past 20 years and loves it and the heat, about some of the surrounding smaller town on the outskirts of the city. The map showed nothing around those towns but I also know how fast that area is growing. After all I am not the only person that wants to migrate to warm weather.

I thought his answer was perfect.

"If neighbors are your thing and you want "community" then it a good time to get into something there.  It's cheap and it's growing at a disgusting rate.  If you don't want to be around people, the place you buy today with no neighbors in site might just be overrun next year with families, cars, kids, and stupid barking chihuahuas. Houses are made with the lowest priced materials that can be used to mass produce houses as quickly as possible.  AND they are track homes, yuck!"


I sat outside in the sunshine enjoying the day when that email showed up on my Apple Watch. I can always trust that he will give me an honest answer about anything I ask. Always has and always will.


I looked through some locations that were suggested by a few readers either in the comment section on the blog or by email. A lot of nice places but I admit, nothing really gets my blood moving until I am looking at places out west. When it comes to southern California I've had to ask myself is it the year round weather I want or am I wanting those great memories back from when I lived there before?

Why am I willing to buy something smaller and overpriced just to live in heavy traffic and jammed packed neighborhoods?


To widen my search I even increased the maximum I'd buy a house for. Of course that brings up a wide range of new possibilities. Some of them even showed some good possibilities for the hounds but after a morning walk like this morning this field is hard to beat. The obsession had slowed to just curiosity by my first cup of coffee this morning.

I knew I would think and process the information I gathered just like many times before. I was able to eliminate a couple of places and both of those were places I had lived in the past. I kept remembering the key factor of this quest was to move to warm 12 month weather.

Stella decided Monday morning had some of the best tasting, freshest deer scat in a while. I let her enjoy her delicacy before walking over to her and telling her to "come on." She would move before I had to grab her collar.


On her typical stroll and her pace. She has her own world that spins on her time, it adjusts to her not the other way around. I am slowly getting back to the same way of doing things. Not paying attention to any news, tv or online, is a great start to that change.


I had time all day to think about the places and houses I had looked at over the weekend. It made the yard mowing seem shorter. I made the different tasks I did today much easier since I was distracted.

On a side note, in the past two days I have never seen the ticks as bad as they have been since I moved here in 1998. They are all on me and I have yet to find even one on either hound. I check them each time they come back inside and figured if I am finding as many as I am on me, they have to have some somewhere. Luckily I feel them crawling and can get them off of me before they try to dig into me.


The deer traffic scent was so strong Monday morning that Stella went past her normal point where she makes the last turn with me to head home. I let her go to see what she would do or how far she would go.


She finally decided it was time to get back home. That is a worn deer path you see in front of her moving in a north/south direction.


As you can tell, the grass is a little higher than 3". It was finally dry enough to mow by 2pm and I had enough grass everywhere to mow the whole yard for the first time this year. Today will be spraying the weeds on the driveway. A few years ago in August I spent four straight days on my hands and knees pulling every weed out by hand ... only to have them grow back 3x as thick.


After Sunday afternoon's walk, Stella did finish by walking down the center of the yard, nowhere near the house. So this might just be a 'morning' routine for her and not dependent on what kind of weather it is.


With great weather Monday I found out we are outside more even if that is nothing more than the hounds sleeping in the sun and me soaking up some rays contemplating life. With that in mind I also found there are not enough hours in a day when the weather is great and was one of the reasons I did not blog yesterday. No, I wrote the blog post and added the photos but failed to post it later Monday night.

I just finished comparing "Taxes for Retirees" in the five states I am now interested in. I have a couple of states that are not western states that have peaked my interest and both have good weather year round. Plus in both states you can buy a lot more house for the dollar compared to Arizona and New Mexico. One state I am familiar with and the other recommended by a blog follower is quite a surprise.

So with that in mind I will be checking out those two states in more detail sometime today. The website that Barney gave me in a comment the other day has worked out really well and I like it better than the one I had been using in the past. Their information took a few of the towns off my list.

Well Stella is doing her normal morning stretching right before she hydrates herself, which means our Tuesday morning walk is just minutes away from starting.

Another day of great weather here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Arrowhead GrammaApril 23, 2019 6:41 AM

    Having lived in California my entire life (yes a "native"), I think you would be greatly disappointed to live in Southern California again. It is not like it was 20 years ago, wall to wall people, traffic is a nightmare and the powers that be for the State are extremely liberal.

    Sometimes you just cannot go back and think it will be similar to what it was. Just treasure the good memories you have.

  2. I really like New Mexico for my travels, BUT it has some really cold weather in the winter since it is a higher altitude state. The lower cities like Carlsbad are still over 3000 feet. I was unintentionally born in Clovis, NM but my parents hurried back to coastal Texas as soon as I could travel.

    Arizona is a state I cannot give any significant personal knowledge about. There is one thing about all the western states that I stay careful about. It can be an unreal long ways to decent medical care for serious troubles.

  3. That is what a couple of other 'native' friends have told me who still live there. I visited 25 years ago but lived there 35 years ago. I did travel out there for business during the last 10 years of working in the 2000,s. Thanks for the good advice. You are right.

  4. It even snowed a lot for a day or two in Alamogordo last winter. That town is also at higher elevation. I've always liked the high desert but I would have some winter temps if I were to live there.

    I have thought about the distance for medical help if/when needed and that rules out a few small towns I like in Arizona. My friend in Phoenix that likes all the heat is suggesting I look north of Phoenix but not as far north as Prescott. I do like the Wickenburg area.

  5. Why is there no tick 'chewy' for people?

  6. kellyfrombayfieldApril 24, 2019 12:10 PM

    Who owns the field you are lucky to have use of ?
    I liked Wickenburg too.

  7. IF we come up with that invention we would be millionaires. :)

  8. My neighbor two houses down from me bought the field a few years ago from my other neighbor's estate sale. You can see out path on Google Satellite map. Yes, very lucky to be able to use it like we do.

  9. Oh, and I like Wickenburg a lot.