May 2, 2019

The Hounds Battled Rain Today


With the light inside the house turning dark with the sound of loud thunder we knew the storms had arrived. Stella didn't get her morning walk, Heidi continued her daily morning nap. You would think by now I'd be use to this kind of spring weather but it sure seems like the amount of rain increases each year. The hounds and I did our best to move through the day though.

2019 May 02

Heidi didn't wait until lunch to get up. She showed up unexpectedly next to my desk chair and that is a sign she needs her professional doorman to let her outside. Light rain but when you have to pee you have to pee. She wasn't out long. She was awake a few hours earlier then her normal time.

One is trying it's best to bloom ... the other, no signs of stems with bright yellow on the end.


Once Stella saw that Heidi was brave enough to test the very light rain, she had the same plan as the other day ... curl tightly around the corner of the house, stay close to the house on the dry river rock and she'd be safe.

2019 May 02

As the afternoon progressed it rained longer and harder while I watched the Reds on TV playing in sunny New York. When it rains as much as it has lately, that gives me a lot of time to think about all the movement in the air and passing through my brain cells. I have a feeling it's going to be an exciting summer.

By late afternoon, the rains stopped, the skies brightened up a little and it seemed like we could get a walk in just as soon as I put on my rain boots. Heidi din't have interest in walking in the wet field .. but Stella did.


Some ATV tracks, probably from the owner of the field that lives in that house you see at the top of the photo.


He did follow our path a little and then turned to the far right hand corner before turning around and heading for home.


Stella seemed to be in deep thought today while she walked. I wonder if she was mulling over all the questions I have been asking her these past few days.


One step at a time, slow enough that each step with a curled paw is caught by the camera like stop action. You cannot walk much slower than that.


By the time Stella and I stepped into the yard I could see Heidi at the far edge of the yard over by the bank eating tall wet grass. I am beginning to wonder of my 4-star rated dog food is missing some minerals or other nutrients, since both hounds have been eating more grass than normal in the past few weeks.


It's cool and nice enough weather to sit outside and sort out all of the thoughts lingering in my head. There's a lot going on and the hounds can sense something they just cannot figure out what it is. Really, nothing to announce.

I am back to needing to get to the store but I have enough food to keep me home. Am I really that lazy? Whatever happened to that news of Amazon drones delivering packages to the house. I figured when they bought Whole Foods and their new drone delivery plans that my shopping days were over. They could drop their pallets of food out here in the back.

It's May already in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana, hard to believe. It wasn't 30 minutes after I posted this, it started to rain again. It's a good thing that Stella walked when she did, in between rains.


  1. Glad to see Stella got her trot through the fields! I feel so bad when our dogs don't get a good morning walk on account of rain.

    About the grass eating. Both of mine have also been eating grass for the last few weeks. I wondered if it was the switch to no grain dog food, though they get plenty of grain in the people food we give them. I think I'm going to switch back, or maybe alternate, and see if that does any good. But I also wonder if it could be a time of year thing?

  2. That's interesting. Thanks for that bit of info. We are in different states, same type of environment, time of year is the same :) Maybe that's it .. time of year.

  3. You know, now that you mention it, two things. I recognize a lot of your flora. I'm going to take better note of just what exactly they are eating-- which grasses. That my guys started a few weeks ago just means it would be the difference in climate btw. us-- if indeed it's time of year.

  4. kellyfrombayfieldMay 02, 2019 1:43 PM

    Pheebe has been eating grass for the past 8 -10 days. I even bought a different kind of dog food today thinking it could be the cause, mabe it's the change of seasons

  5. In a way it is good to read other dogs are eating grass the past few weeks. I just thought it was a plan by the hounds to drive me insane or at least crazy. If Pheebs is doing it then it is "official" ... change of seasons.

  6. Arrowhead GrammaMay 02, 2019 5:22 PM

    No scientific reasoning but I think it is that the taste of the Spring grass is different from what has been in the yard/field. JMHO

  7. Could be ... greener might make it more tasty ... morning weather has heavier dew or rain from night before. Whatever the reason ... Stella likes to eat grass.