September 6, 2019

Stella Home With No Stitches & No Bandage

I'll jump a little out of order for the day because most are wondering what was decided for Stella's vet appointment. We hit the lobby of the vet a few minutes before our appointment. We never spoke to a vet but a tech. They thought the healing looked great when they removed the stitches and bandage. All this was included in the cost I paid for surgery. We walked out with instructions she was not to take walks until Tuesday.

For once Heidi slept through the night for the first time in weeks but Stella had other plans, waking me up at 2:55am to go outside. I just wondered if their increased peeing is from their increased water intake during the day. Based on the number of times I fill the large bowl, they are drinking twice as much water out here in the wild west.

I headed back to bed and woke to a "mini howl" from Stella ... somewhere between a whine and a full blown howl. She wanted everybody up and she wanted to eat. How do I know that? At 3:55am she is wagging her tail smiling and trotting to the container the dog food is kept in.

I had this guy watching me make coffee today.

Stella comes out to check the weather, do some stretching and then finds out we are not taking a walk this morning.

As I got ready to get on the rode for my bike ride by 6:15am, she was going to see if there was at least a chance for her walk.

When I bought the bike yesterday I knew the stem was too long. After measuring it this morning after my return from riding, I needed one 7/8" shorter ... I was pretty sure I could find one at Ken's bike shop in Bisbee. Which is more like a museum. That is exactly the size I needed.

I dropped the LeMond and this stem off at the bike shop I bought the bike yesterday so they could exchange the stems. The will have to take off the handlebar tape, one of the brake/shifting levers to slide the handlebars through the stem. Many years ago I enjoyed doing that type of bike maintenance but not anymore. I pick up the bike on Saturday.

Here are some photos of that bike shop called Bisbee Bicycle Brothel ... "Best Little Wheelhouse In Arizona" ... the owner has a sense of humor and gets this old bicycles from all over the world. Some ridden by the most famous riders in the sport of professional cycling.

He told me the sweater was definitely not for sale.

This is the only opening in my fence that is designed for all the excess water to drain from the stone yard. It is also an entry way for snakes and spiders.

I had a nice ride early in the morning, windier than normal, less traffic and perfect temperatures.

Another good day in the Wild West.


  1. Happy Stella is bandage free. Just an FYI if the vet's tech didn't tell you, please watch to be sure she doesn't start licking her wound. This can result in a hot spot which is so hard to heal. This happened to my parent's lab and it took forever to finally get it healed.

    1. Thanks ... the vet didn't mention anything like that. So far so good, she has not bothered her wound.

  2. Nice to see that your prediction was true concerning Stella's bandage being off Friday. It won't be long now, and she will be back on the street. LOL You will have that new bike in great shape for some good rides before long. Probably nice that the weather is cooling just a bit.

  3. Great to see Stella is healing well. She's really going to enjoy that walk on Tuesday. Maybe a small piece of screen glued somehow to the opening in the fence wall might help with critters...

  4. So glad to hear Sella's stitch- and bandage-free. Her poor foot does look a bit sore & raw, though. I second the comment about keeping an eye on it so she doesn't start licking on it. Been there, done that...
    Renee in Aztec

  5. When I needed a way to prevent mud-daubers from coming through The Van's battery-box vents, one in the sidewall and one down through the floor, but at the same time not block airflow, I bought a package of copper scrubbing pads and stuffed them into the openings. Loose enough to stay fluffy and allow air/water flow but tight enough to stay in place on their own. That was years ago and the pads are still in place with no dubbers in and around the batteries.

    It can also be found in a copper mesh form that might be more appropriate for your fence-drain.

  6. Got a kick out of that grasshopper photo. I always love macro shots. But say, you have never taken a macro shot of something on your dogs!

  7. TSC or Home Depot has small like chicken wire fencing that we mounted over ours like that to keep the snakes out. It works well for us, the snakes are next door and neighbor shot two of them.