October 16, 2019

A Possible Breakthrough In The Healing Game

I went to bed Tuesday night very sore but not what I would call being in pain. I had spent too much time Tuesday sitting down in chairs. At the computer and then watching a couple of baseball games. During those games I will get up and walk around the house, or just stand between innings. Yet, I am finding out this past week that sitting is not a good thing ... but then what do I do all day if I am trying to rest and not do any 5-10 minute walks??? Lay in bed all day? Not going to happen.

I knew something was different when I woke up to Heidi's alarm (full body shake by the bed) and we headed to the back door so she could go outside at 2:30am. I stood up out of bed and didn't feel the normal soreness in my hip and upper thigh. I still used the walker though as we glided down the hallway, around the corner into the kitchen. By the time I got back to bed I still wasn't feeling any kind of soreness. I thought it might all be a dream.

We slept until 5:50am after telling Stella twice to "go back to sleep" and once again as I stood up out of bed, no pain, zero soreness in my upper thigh and waistline. Even the "rock" feeling in my hip joint was missing. I didn't jump up and down with excitement but I have to admit, I was really excited but also really cautious.

Sleeping with the windows open there are times we hear animals outside in that vacant land. Usually hearing coyotes but about 5:00 am I heard something fighting and the closest I could come to identifying the sound ... it had to be javelinas. The sound had a very slight pig grunting sound to it. Anyone know for sure if I am right on my guess that was when I was half asleep? Whomever it was, they were not happy animals.

Stella didn't hesitate to wake up when she heard the sound but I was just happy she didn't start howling. Instead she took off trotting for the kitchen no doubt to check the front and back doors just in case. I saw some fresh bloodhound nose prints on each plate by the door knobs this more, for each door.

So I don't trip or stumble over things, I have my patio chair backed up all the way to the wall now. These next three photos are the view I have when sitting in that chair. Not a bad way to start the day. It's even better with a hot cup of coffee.

That's Bisbee over by the sunshine.

Turning my whole body to the right so I can look over my shoulder, I found the full moon to be staring at me. I did the brand new macOS update this morning. It looks like they still need to work the bugs out because I tried 4 different times to duplicate this photo so I could crop it to a size of just the moon. It wouldn't duplicate the photo.

Heidi has turned into a profession food bigger. More than I can ever remember. Here she is asking for a dog treat and it's not even 8:00am and a little over an hour past the time she had breakfast.

It's was hard to resist a look like that but I did ... she wandered off to the living room to join Stella for an early morning nap.

By 9:00am I am still feeling good. I have walked around the inside of the house and still do not feel any soreness where it has been weeks of feeling some kind of soreness all the time. I have no idea why the complete change but I like it. I plan on taking another "day off" and not walking those 5-10 minute walks although it is very tempting just to take off walking down the sidewalk. I feel that good so far today.

A neighbor has offered to take me out for a drive around town after she is finished working. Maybe dinner or to the store if I need anything. Besides the one time I went to my two week followup appointment with the surgeon and the three times I have driven to CVS and the bike shops, I have not been able to leave the house or neighborhood since my surgery on September 8th. So I am looking forward to getting out later in the afternoon.

As I lay in bed flat on my back last night and noticing immediately that my hip felt so much better than just a few minutes prior, I reminded myself that for that hip socket to completely heal I am looking at 60-90 days. This morning I am at Day 38 post op. LOL ... no wonder that 'rock' feeling is still in my hip joint area. I am not even close to having that joint completely healed.

After my appointment on October 22nd, I've read where I should have followup appointments at 3 months, 6 months and then a year after surgery. I'll be interested to hear what he says after he sees me.

The longer the day went the better I felt. I tried to keep busy by not sitting in a chair and I combined that with laying flat on my back in bed, thinking. I remembered I had bought a spare tire cover and it was delivered FedEx the day I was in the hospital. It would be light enough for me to unpack and install it. The instructions stated it would be best to warm it up first since it will fit very tight over the tire.

The sun was definitely hot enough ... but I needed help.

Stella volunteered to supervise the heating project  while I moved the cardboard boxes collected in the past 38 days for my trip to recycling. She always does a great job supervising. I wonder if she will miss the raking of leaves this fall?

I would be interested in know what Heidi smells as she explores the yard. Are we having aliens fly into the backyard while we sleep and then escape right before sunrise? It's good to see her out on her own enjoying the stone yard.

I did one 5 minute walk today. I felt good the whole time and did not feel any kind of twinge or soreness. I would call the location "on top of my leg" but I know that's impossible, it's just where it felt like the past week. Right on top of the femur where the new hip now resides.

While Heidi roamed the backyard, Stella was trying to figure out which small dog was barking the most ... the one on the right or the left side of the fence. As long as there isn't any free food involved she isn't too interested in socializing with the neighborhood dogs.

For the past month or so, the weather has been so nice I have not had to turn on the AC during the day. Room temperature stays around 74° during the peak hours but today Stella was giving me her signal that she wanted the AC turned on. (tongue hanging out) I had a cool breeze coming through the house south to north and 74° just isn't that bad for inside temps since there isn't any humidity to speak of.

Before I could decide what to do, she was asleep within a minute ... out cold ... dreamland for the rest of the afternoon.

I cannot believe that I have gone almost 8 hours and have not felt any twinges of short pain or soreness. I haven't been all over the neighborhood or anything, nor doing laps in the backyard but just normal movement in the house. Before today movements as simple as that I felt soreness on the upper thigh and inside the hip. Occasionally in my groin area.

One reason I always mention that groin area ... I did not know it at the time of the  bike wreck but pain in that area was the #1 sign that I had a broken hip, not the hip area itself. Like I mentioned in a previous post when the people helping me on the side of the road handed me a bag of ice for the hip I placed it on top of my groin area because that was where the most pain was.

A couple of people kept asking me to move the bag of ice to the side of my hip where I made contact with the road ... but it literally didn't hurt there. So I have been concerned since that area was sore if it were possible I had broken something that was suppose to heal.

The doctors office told me if I could do certain things with my right foot and leg, then I was okay, it was just soreness that needed time to heal. My friend that is a PT said the same thing. "Quit walking around and just rest" ... were her last words. LOL

So with that update I am going to go ahead an post this early. It gives me a chance for a little afternoon siesta before getting out of the house later this afternoon or early evening. I never thought I'd get Cabin Fever in Arizona but then again ... I never thought I'd be holed up inside with a hip replacement.

It's been a beautiful day here in the Wild West.


  1. So you're just going to leave us hanging about the wheel cover??

    I've decided I'm going to take your word about all this broken hip crap and not try it out myself, if that's OK with you. . .

    1. Everybody needs one of those new hips, just think how much higher your side kicks would be. Ah ... you wanted to see a before and after photo of the wheel cover???? well with Apples latest OS update it will not duplicate the photo so I can blank out my license plate ...

  2. When Stella lays with her legs forward she looks like her shoulders are spread out and she gets really flat. It just looks different than other dogs. Do you notice that? Its hard to explain.

    1. I see what you are talking about. Now that you have mentioned it, I can't remember my other dogs being able to do that.

  3. Saw a friend at the post office today. You would never know from the way he walks that over the last year he has had a left hip replacement and both knees replaced (one at a time). He is doing amazing. I am sure the same will be said for you at the end of your healing process. Take care.

    1. I hear stories like this but there are times I wonder if I'll ever get there. I am sure I will since I'm pretty early in the process. It's good to hear you friend is doing so well after three operations in one year.

  4. We have a friend that squeaks when he walks and its done it for several years now.

    1. I read too many horror stories on the Hip Replacement Forum as well as a couple of stores told to me yesterday while I was out in town. I am very thankful that I have none of that going on. It's all 'quiet' and painless in that hip for the third morning in a row.