October 2, 2019

Hip Feels Strong For First Time

It was in the middle of the night when I realized my hip is so much stronger. I had moved my right leg in a way that I couldn't just a few days ago, in the middle of sleeping. There was no discomfort in my hip as I raised the leg a little to change sleeping positions. Always before I could feel "something" inside the hip. As I started the day today I could once again feel improvement from how I felt only 24 hours before.

Heidi has various places to sleep scattered throughout the house. This spot is one of her favorites and it's one of the first places I put a blanket down for her when we moved in. She has not slept yet on the tile floor, always finding a blanket or the carpet piece inside the front door. All the bedrooms are carpeted so she likes that.

Just like today, it was beautiful yesterday where the temps spent most of the day in the 70s and only toward the very end of the afternoon did it creep up to 82°. I knew before I moved here, there was great weather here and it would be sunny 300+ days per year but I didn't realize just how nice the weather really is.

I didn't do much yesterday. I walked close to 6,000 steps and took numerous short walks during the day from five to ten minutes each. I decided to see if that huge dog was living in that house or not, so I walked that way to the end of the street and back ... did it again a few times today. I did not hear nor see that huge dog.

I do a lot of laps around my backyard, that is .02 of a mile per lap and takes 1:12-1:23 in minutes and seconds. You can tell the monsoons have been here, look at all that green.

Luckily Stella is not a barker like other dogs in the neighborhood, especially like the one next door. She will stand and listen to all the noise but never barks or howls back at them. Here she is deciding whether to walk with me or stand and watch me.

The new iPhone 11 Pro talks about taking great photos in the dark. Over the past week I have tested my 8+ taking the same photos in the dark and look what I find sleeping next to my bed at 3:30am. I didn't know she was there but just held the camera up in the air from my position on the bed to see if she might be.  That's not a bad photo in a pitch black room. She started then night sleeping in the walk in closet again.

The hounds were up again at 3am for their pee breaks. Ten minutes later all three of us are back in the bedroom sound asleep. We slept so soundly that I almost missed today's sunrise. I was able to catch it about 20 minutes from the time the sun came up.

At this time of day it is now normal to have low 50s as the temperature to start our day. I like that.

In the short time it took to make coffee, the skies had changed and it looked like a storm front or a fog bank rolling in. No rain in the forecast, so it's hard to say what it was.

For the second day in a row I had a really long phone conversation with an old friend. All of us seemed to be finding out that we are aging whether we want to acknowledge it or not. All of use have had some major health issues this past 6-9 months. We are all the same age, give or take a couple of years, are active with swimming biking running or walking.

Stella does a lot of this during the day and once it reaches to the high 70s outside, she will sleep on the tile with no complaints. Heidi? Still on the living room rug or back in the bedroom on her dog bed.

I am not done walking yet for the day and I have walked a total of 2 miles today and 5,538 steps. Each time I was finished walking I did not feel any kind of weakness or discomfort in my hip or legs. All of that was walking on my own slowly, with short steps, carrying a cane in case I need it.

Mexico is looking good today.

Bisbee is looking good today.

Since there is nothing important delivered in the mail today, I will not be making a trip to the mailbox. I think I have walked about all I need to really and I can spend the rest of the day resting and watching the MLB Wildcard game at 5pm.

As I sat down at the computer desk to put this post together, Stella slid into her normal spot anytime I am on the computer. She seems to like the right side of the desk this this week.

I had another person confused today when she read about the heart report I spoke of. She also had the impression that I was ONLY going to use that report to base my decision on what my next move would be. She also felt she needed to remind me that I needed to see a cardiologist and let him make the decision. What is it with people? Was it that hard to understand what I was saying?

I cannot explain it well enough I am sure but I can feel that the hip is stronger than it was just last week. I have no plans to see just how wide I can move the right leg to the right, nor do I plan to increase my walking ... I'm going to continue the protein and collagen supplements to help the hip heal. I cannot wait to see how good I feel by the time I talk to the surgeon again on October 20th.

The hip just feels stable, sturdy and strong.

No urges to drive yet. I don't need to go anywhere right now and figure the longer I hold off trying to drive the more my hip will be healed.

So a pretty quiet two days. Lots of rest, talking on the phone, watching a little baseball and reading some.

There is some great weather happening in the Wild West.


  1. Enjoyable pictures again. I agree, the iPhone 8 plus camera is great and I have no intention of upgrading this year either. Those of us that are lucky get to deal with the medical concerns of aging, but it is nice to have others to discuss this aging stuff with. :)

    1. Actually I was surprised what my other friends had gone through. Some I knew about. I still keep analyzing the 11pro vs 8+ and I cannot see a reason to upgrade. Most of these photos on the post were taken with my phone.

  2. Enjoyed the photo (with the text below) and especially the ones of the girls. Happy to hear your hip is feeling good. Keep on keeping on you are doing it right.'

    PS I got it - reviewing your medical report and then seeing a cardiologist when reading what you wrote yesterday.

    1. I load all of my photos first when I start the post and then type in between them. That seems to be the fastest way I have found to do on Blogger. I also liked writing the description or commentary below the photo I was talking about. Easier to read actually. Thank for letting me know that someone understood what I was saying, at least I am not going insane yet. :)

  3. I like that line "see a cardiologist and let him make the decision"!!

    I don't understand why people can't get it through their heads that a doctor's opinion is just that, an opinion based on their "practice" of medicine, and given after glancing over the results of a few tests and 10 minutes (If you're lucky) of face-time.

    If that "opinion" was 100% spot on every time doctors would not need to carry mall-practice insurance, and it should be just one factor of many that goes into an individual's decision making process when it comes to their personal health!

    Treating your body, your health, like a old clunker you've handed over to a mechanic who you've given cart-blanch to do with as he/she sees fit is just one more example of a growing tendency to disavow all responsibility of our own - then, of course, bitch when we're not happy with the results. . .

  4. Oh yeah, BTW, I vote for text below photo. . .

  5. I agree, my body and my responsibility. I think part of the docs job is to explain to me what the medical jargon means and then I make my decision on my care.