October 14, 2019

I Was More Than Bored Today

Today was like any other day but for some reason I couldn't settle on anything to do. Siesta, Mahjong, reading books, tried a movie and didn't finish, sat outside, tried watching taped ballgames, read some online stuff about AVS, not much interest in anything. I was able to drag the box from Chewy from the front porch to the kitchen. I lifted the 40# bag of kibble with nothing but my arms and felt no signs of pain or stress on the new hip. Some different soreness on what I would call the top of the femur so I haven't tried to walk. I assume it's the bone attempting to grow onto the new hip. Just a blah day ... so I listed some photos below.

There will be better days than today in the Wild West.


  1. Love the 2nd picture of Stella. She looks like she is deep in thought. Soon you will be out and about on those backroads enjoying the scenery. Take care.

  2. You are doing so good and an off day here or there is to be expected. Looks like the girls had their usual day - sleep, eat, outside, then repeat.