October 12, 2019

It Was A Day Of Improvement

I checked online to see if it was safe to take Cyclobenzaprine and Ibuprofen at the same time. I found my usual medical journals to confirm it would be okay. I didn't see why I couldn't since both do different things. Numerous studies had found combining the two had better results. Whereas if you take Advil and Aspirin after you have had  a heart attack or stroke, they have found that it decreases the effectiveness of the Aspirin. I decided to check when my time alerted me at 6 hours if I need more Cyclobenazprine.

While the hounds slept in the corner while I did the morning post, I wanted to see if the sun was up yet since it was a little past 6am. I could tell when I stood up at the chair that my lower back was much better, no signs of pain in my groin area and only the everyday soreness from the hip healing.

I opened the door and felt a rush of cold area that was hitting around 54°. It felt colder. It was nice to stand outside in the cool breeze taking some photos. I still had time to lay in bed for 45 minutes until the hounds wanted their breakfast. Football and rest were the only two goals today.

That cool breeze was pretty strong this time of day.

It was a little strange that the hounds had not followed me out to the patio. Normally they would be trying their best to get me to pour their kibble but so far this morning not a word from them.

In fact when I turned slowly to go back inside ... no hounds in view. That had to be a first.

Only as I laid down in bed did the hounds wake up and move into the bedroom. I thought I'd have about 45 minutes of rest before I needed to pour their breakfast kibble. Stella had other ideas. Like standing right by the side of the bed where she could make sure I would hear her whining or the wagging tail banging against the chest of drawers.

They win ... I got up. She was pretty proud of herself after she got me to feed them. They both took a short trip outside and during that time I washed both of their food dishes, which I do after every meal.  I saw in my email that my Amazon order for another pair of Russell Athletic gear gym shorts had been delivered in yesterday's mail. Would I be able to walk that far today? Would I need to?

Of the three seat cushions I have bought in the past 34 days, this one has turned out to be the most comfortable. I basically carry that with me when I am going to sit in a different chair in the computer room or at the laptop on the kitchen table.

One big difference from satellite tv service and cable, I have a lot more opportunities to stream ballgames or movies. I am not a big streaming fan because I like watching movies or ballgames on my large tv in the living room ... but today I was desparate. I knew before I moved here that I would only have one BTN channel and there would be times I would not see the IU games if they were being shown on the BTN Alternate channels. I had those with DishNetwork but not with Cox Cable.

So I did some online searching and figured out what I needed to do. Download the app for the phone but with the iMac I just needed to go to Foxsportsgo.com I had my IU game live on my iMac.

They show mostly food or automobile commercials during football games. You can see that Heidi has no interest in going to Wendy's to try all of those sandwiches. With that cool breeze blowing through the house from the direction of the patio, she had found the perfect place to sleep.

Stella must have smelled the sandwiches on tv but it wasn't long after that commercial was on, that she came wandering out from the computer room where I left her in a deep sleep. It's takes her a little while to decide what to do when she wakes up. She always looks confused when she gets up.

By mid-morning I was feeling better than I had just two days ago. The times I walked inside the house with the walker or the cane I did not feel any kind of pain in my groin area. The soreness on top of the thigh was hardly big enough to feel. I still did not feel as strong as I did on Thursday morning but felt much better than I did just 24 hours ago.

Stella likes to look out the front window to make sure her neighborhood is okay.

I didn't do a lot of walking but I did what I said I would not do. I sat in a chair while I watched the IU game on the computer. I DID get up during commercials and halftime. With the new seat cushion I could sit longer in the chair than I did yesterday.

By 12:30pm my lower back felt good, my right thigh was much better when I walked and I was almost back to the normal feeling of 'the rock' feeling in my hip, which feels like it's on the side of the hip. The times I walked inside the house to the kitchen, bedroom living room or patio I thought I could make it to the mailbox and back at a slower pace. I finished the walk at a 42 minute per mile pace which was about 10 minutes per mile slower than normal.

I had to go to the mailbox because I knew the small Amazon package would fit inside my narrow box in the mailbox cluster. They would stop mail delivery until that package was out of the way. Plus it included a new pair of gym shorts that are loose fitting.

As the day moved through college football games and more to watch started at 4:30pm, I drank a ton of ice water, took a siesta for about an hour and fed the hounds. As you can see once they get that afternoon meal, they too like to sleep.

I'd have to call today a success. Sore yes, stiff at the start or when I get out of a chair, yes ... but within a few steps I feel good. No lower back problems today, not a lot of pain if any in my hip and nothing in the groin area.

I will take another 'rest day' on Sunday, which means no walking outside around the fence line, no long walks to the mailbox, only to the kitchen, to the patio or back to the computer room. I am not sure I will need any muscle relaxers after the dose a little over 5 hours ago.

A good day here in the Wild West.


  1. Happy you were feeling better today! Too bad the Trojans couldn't quite pull off a win.

    1. Thanks. I was hoping they would beat ND but that freshman QB for USC looked really good. I will warn you that if the rumors are true and they try to poach the coach at Penn State to replace the one you have ... I will NOT root for USC until that Penn State coach is gone from LA. Franklin is not a man that I like as a head coach.

  2. Let's hope that doesn't happen. JMHO but SC doesn't need any association with Penn State after the mess they had.

    1. You do not want Franklin as you head coach either.