October 10, 2019

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Last night as I watched the richest team in MLB and a winner of 106 games out of a 162 regular season games, blow a lead in the 8th inning due to some poor managerial decisions ... the pain in my hip and groin returned. It felt better to walk around the house, instead of sitting in a chair with my 4" memory foam pad. Confusion rang loud but it was not about what the LA manager was doing ... it rang loud because my leg/hip did a 360° turn giving me the chance to experience more pain than I wanted.

I had already taken my second and final dose of Ibuprofen and Tylenol X-Strength. I take that dose every 12 hours. So I picked up the booklet they gave me at the hospital the night before surgery and re-read the sections on post op rehab.

It was disheartening in a way.

"Early on, you will see fairly rapid improvements. Your progress may slow after the first two weeks, but don't get discouraged ... this is normal !!!"

Then it dawned on me that I will never run again. I'm not a runner and around here the only way I would run would be turning myself into a jogger and that was not going to happen. I only ran back in Indiana when the bloodhounds would take off running after deer and out of my line of sight. So it's not really a big deal but there was something to think about when seeing the word "never again" in my mind ... Running is listed under "Avoid Higher-Impact Exercise"

I quit going to the "Hippie" forum because of all the horror stories and negativity where hip replacement surgery did not work out well for some people. I never went there that much anyway, just to ask a question and seeing my list of answers. Reading some of the comments or posts from others that continue to have problems with their hip made me feel very very fortunate with a little pain from time to time.

Maybe it was a sign to pay attention to with this new kind of pain. Or was it when I get a text from that friend that was going to come over and set up my bike on an indoor trainer (in garage), attached to the back wheel where it spins with magnetic resistance while I ride. He forgot about coming over and let me know about start of the bottom of the 10th inning in LA.

He will be by this morning to mount the bike on the trainer but the way I feel this morning after taking the meds and just a little coffee, riding anywhere seems like nothing but a rumor. Where yesterday riding a bike indoors to start my comeback, seemed as close as a couple of weeks away after my surgeons approval on the 22nd, last night made me wonder if I will ever want to ride again.

How good I felt yesterday during the day, I felt just as bad last night and so far this morning.

It could be this hard form fitting seat cushion I have been sitting on. Amazon recommended it as did the 4,5000 + reviews. It might form fit to my butt but after a week of using it, it's hard as a rock. Did this play a role in new muscles becoming sore? I ordered my 3rd different seat cushion yesterday and it should get it tomorrow.

I don't forget that I did something yesterday for the first time in 31 days. First time for that bionic hip joint. I drove my car. I got into the drivers seat just like I was instructed and did in my neighbor's Jeep Liberty when he picked me up at the hospital, then two weeks later taking me to my follow-up doctors appointment. I slowly swung my legs and feet into the floorboard area. I got in and out of the car a total of 8 times ... was that 8 times too many even after doctor's approval to drive?

Maybe it was more total steps for the day than I normal take? I took less walks limiting my max time to 10 minutes and had most of my short walks ending after 5 minutes. I felt good after each walk. Like I said earlier ... it feels better to walk than sit in a chair past the 30 minute mark.

The key for healing the hip is no twisting, no bending past 90°, no sitting in a couch or soft chair where you "sink in" and your hips end up being lower than your knees. Always keep the hips higher than the knees even if it so slight.

Then again .... since the pain has stayed with me after a night of sleep, the mystery question has always been "What do I do in my sleep with that right leg and hip, that I am not suppose to do?" Is that what wakes me up in the middle of the night ... a sharp pain that disappears just as soon as I open my eyes? We'll never know will we unless I turn my iPhone into a video recorder with the lights off.  LOL

So I'll do a little walking this morning while I wait for the sun to rise. The hounds are back to sleep after the 4:30am wake up call to go outside. They begged to be fed at 4:30am when they came back inside but finally relented and head back to the dark bedroom for Heidi and the computer desk corner for Stella. They have a good two hour wait before kibble is served. It is hard to say no to wagging tails and sad eyes looking straight at you.

I am going to post this now, with no photos because I felt like writing about it right from the start day. Sometimes as a blogger you have an urge to write and publish a post even if it is not the regular time and no photos are involved.

I'll post again later tonight for those east of the Mississippi River or late afternoon for us in the West .... photos will be added and an update on how my day went. I have canceled my car trip for today (unless I start feeling better) and will spend more time walking and standing than sitting. I'll add more time laying in the prone position in bed today ... and see what kind of results I have.

I will still walk those short walks and I'll apply ice when needed. Ice seems to be my best friend through all of this or maybe a close second to coffee.

I am going to assume all the pain around that hip area and now up by my pelvis is nothing more than a sign that things are healing inside. I did a visual inspection and there is no swelling or discoloring of any kind. My hip bones are level which means my legs are the same length, and the right side looks as normal as the left side.

No matter how I feel it will still be a great day here in the Wild West ... seeing the mountains in about 45 minutes will make me feel that much better. Sitting in the sunshine later this morning will make me feel that much better. Seeing Heidi begging me for food ... lets me know she really is feeling good. Hearing Stella howl for food will make me laugh ... all things to help me forget the pain I feel.

I can't stop saying that I love where I live ... moving here was a life changing decision.


  1. Have you tried muscle relaxers?

    1. I just called the doctor's office to get a script for some. I'll see what happens. The only pain med he prescribed when I left the hospital was Oxycodone. Nothing else. I thought that was strange at the time.

  2. JMHO but yesterday was a huge day for you with the driving eight stops (in and out of the car) and the walking. Know you must be getting bored with your routine, but it is so important to take it easy and ease back into what was your normal routine again. Talk to your PT friend about this. Though I haven't had hip replacement have had major surgery/treatments and had to come to the realization that I had to take it slow and easy during the recuperation period. Staying home today sounds like a good idea. Take care.

  3. Unfortunately healing isn't linear and there will be ups and downs. I'm thinking that because your flexibility and range of motion are restricted during this phase that could be adding to the discomfort. As mentioned, muscle relaxers might be a good idea or even heat.
    When you do get approval to move more freely (more stretches, sitting angles, rotations etc) that could be another phase that will need to be worked through (stiffness, discomfort) because you haven't been there in awhile. Whenever I get down about an injury, I like to remind myself that with time I always got better. Sunshine therapy is the best! ☺

    1. I did a few sessions yesterday with alternating heat and ice on the lower back/hip area. I did both treatments on my upper thigh up by my pelvis. It did relieve the soreness and I will do that again today. Yes, the sunshine was a lifesaver yesterday.

  4. Yep, you might have over did it with the many stop drive. Oxy is a time release pill that inhibits the pain receptors in your brain. It is normal to use it to releave moderate pain while healing. It does not even work on me, different body chemistry. I have too use hydro morphone or Vicodin to stop extreme pain like passing kidney stones etc. Make sure to drink lots of water as meds are tough on your kidneys and liver. Tylenol removed by liver and Motrin by kidneys. Go easy on yourself and enjoy the Sunny day from your back yard. I'm pulling for your recovery.

    1. I found the same result as you with using Oxycodone the first day I was at home. I stopped taking after one day or two doses because I couldn't feel any difference from before I took it. I decided against it yesterday also. Thanks for the tip of drinking lots of water. I will do that today. That should double my trips to the bathroom and help me get some walking inside the house. :)

      I will stick to the one Tylenol and 3 Advil every 12 hours until I have a day with little to no pain. Thanks for your support.