My Hounds

I had to put Winston down 05 January 2016
I bought Winston as a 8 week old puppy and he had his first 5 hour ride in my 1963 VW Panel Van the day I picked him up. He has been loving to ride every since that day. It usually doesn't take more than a half mile before he's fast asleep. It doesn't matter the vehicle nor where we are going. He just turned 11 years old in May 2015. His Mahogany is turning to a mixture of gray. He has always been a great basset hound even through the puppy stage.

Sadie passed away early Saturday morning 15 September 2018
This is Sadie my bloodhound. I bought her at 13 weeks old locally. Of all the hounds I have owned since 1987, she has been the most obnoxious hound I have ever owned! LOL  She was fine while I was around but hated to be left alone until the age of 5, when she stopped being so destructive. She has a strong tracker personality, thus gets bored if left alone and can get into anything even if it's locked. She loves to walk with her nose to the ground, loves to eat and sleep. She will be 10 years old in June 2018. She is a light Red and 83lbs. Her favorite activity is knocking off the 15# barbells that hold the lid to the dog food container, then helping herself to a free meal. You can't be mad at a hound with a face like that.

I bought Heidi online from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in July 2011 here in the Midwest. Since day one she has blended into her new home with no problems. I cannot believe the rescue service retrieved her from an animal shelter as a voluntary turn in. Based on her medical records we thought she was around 2-1/2 years old when I bought her. That would make her 9 years old sometime in December 2017. She has a great nose and is stronger than Sadie when she picks up a scent of a rabbit. She loves to sleep and will not wake up as the same time as the other two hounds. She has been labeled "Queen of the Couch".

It started with a post on the Facebook Group "Bloodhound Owners". They were looking to re-home a bloodhound that has separation anxiety and feared thunder. They thought someone familiar with the breed or might already own a bloodhound would be good for her. With her separation anxiety the owner thought it might be best in her case if that new owner would work at home or be at home during the day. That was me. I had one bloodhound and retired in April 2014. I had plenty of room for her and I was pretty sure the three hounds I had at the time would get along fine with her.

After a phone call conversation to get to know more about "Dipstick", I made arrangements to pick her up, a 4 hour drive away. By the next day I talked myself out of it and canceled the trip because I thought 4 hounds would be too much. A few days later on August 28, 2015 I emailed to see if she was still available, she was and I picked her up on August 30, 2015. She has been a great addition for Sadie, who needed someone with her size and strength to play with. I found it no harder to care for two bloodhounds rather than just one. She will be 9 years old August 2018.

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